Al Jama-ah will put People First to get Service Delivery off the ground

Posted by PARTYLEADER on Thursday, November 20, 2008 (06:01:35)

The City Council and other municipalities and government departments under the leadership of lame duck director-generals simply lacks the capacity to implement service delivery and policies of especially grassroot political movements who can innovate rather than depend on has been cadres.

So the first steps a political Party like Aljama will do when it gets into power is to fix this. Aljama is a “human resources expert” Party. We will get the people side of the government business right. The debacles for service delivery in the Cape Metro under successive political controls like the old NP, the DA and ID coalition and the ANC is becaus they did not get the “people side” of the business right.

Ajama will do this with the dynamic innovation of its Party leadership.

Aljama will get rid of public servants and officials standing in the way of service delivery especially those who worked the apartheid system and are not on board post 1994.

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