ANC throws the Western Cape to the dogs

Posted by PARTYLEADER on Thursday, November 20, 2008 (04:51:45)

Months before the first vote has been cast the ANC has conceded that it has lost the elections in the Western Cape. (Ebrahim Rasool on Voice of the Cape and Channel Islam). Aljama now has a responsibilty to win the Western Cape for the citizens of the Western Cape. Aljama cannot allow just any political Party to take the province. We cannot allow the province to be “thrown to the dogs”.

For many years the ANC had a deal with the Afrikaners and with a lot of help from them retained power in the Western Cape. The Afrikaners became much richer under ANC rule than in the harsh days of apartheid. The Anglo – Boer war continued to play out and the English speakers lost out under ANC rule. Now that the ANC has a new deal with the white English speakers including the Jewish elite who put the Zuma faction into power the ANC will loose the influential Afrikaner vote – votes and money going to COPE as the Afrikaners hit back.

All political parties except Aljama are taking sides and taking part in this “Anglo-Boer” war and the poor in the province are merely “pawns” in this struggle for spheres of influence. Do we now want to be ruled by the Afrikaners old age enemy with the help of the ANC, the DA and the ID or are we on the side of the poor.

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