Manenberg Resident runs for Councillor of Ward 45

With the bi-election coming up on the 10th of December 2008 in Ward 45 Manneberg, Resident Mr. Yusuf Christian fondly known as “Boeta U” is gearing up for his campaign to contest the election and aims to become ward councillor of Ward 45.

Mr. Christian who is the chairman of the Mannenberg football association is a grassroots worker who has the interest of Mannenberg and the youth at heart. Belonging to the Aljama Political Party who will be contesting the national elections in 2009, Mr Christian aims at bringing change and hope to the residents of Mannenberg in the form of assisting to combat crime, delivery of better services and focussing on youth programmes ultimately to assist in life skills.

Mr Christian’s campaign team has already hit the road in the form of his campaign staff doing door to door visits asking members of Mannenberg about some of their concerns which he should address if he becomes the councillor. Colourful Aljama and “Boeta U” posters adorn the lamppost in area much to the excitement of those who know and admire Mr. Christian for his community involvement.

Aljama thought it apt to put Mr. Christian up as a candidate for the Bi Election in an effort to prove that the party is serious about its position on service delivery especially with a candidate who has lived for more than 25 years in the area. Aljama and Mr. Christian understand the needs of the Mannenberg community and propose to address these needs if Mr. Christian is elected as the councillor. The stance is also a bold stance for a recently formed party that has a vision of change and hope and believes strongly that the problems within ward 45 must be addressed from a moral and practical perspective.

The combination of the Islamic tenets with Ubuntu and true Christian and Hindu values has, in the party’s view, some of the best, most feasible answers for eliminating poverty and other social ills within our communities. The Party believes that an integration of this kind will provide for the moral rejuvenation of South Africa, something that our compatriots have great concern and passion for.

Aljama also believes that the journey towards elimination of poverty from the face of this country will equip us in establishing the moral values needed to curb the rampant crime and corruption still being witnessed here today, sadly in the shadow of the Apartheid era.

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