May Day Press Release: Islamic State on the Cards for South Africa this Century INSHA-ALLAH

1 May 2009

In a May Day message to party stalwarts Party leader of AL JAMA-AH Ganief Hendricks repeated the party’s election manifesto promise of “full employment” and decent and more jobs for people with disabilities in South Africa and undertook to assist the ruling party achieve this. The party has already met with cadres close to President Zuma to place 1000 people with sensory and physical disabilities in sheltered employment. These employees will largely be cadres who were maimed in the wars against the apartheid regime. AL JAMA-AH will not be a finger pointing Party and will take up the offer to work together with the ANC.

The ANC however has lost its status as a liberation movement and on its way to become a liberation government it has now reached the status of a well run aid organization like the many we have all over the world. Fourteen million grants to children and poor people is no mean feat, but is that what we want. Meeting global demands and being a pawn in the ongoing Anglo-Boer cold war in South Africa it must still shake off the shame that it was handed power stopped I its tracks to go for “the final push” but achieved it with the little help of the international community and clever Afrikaners who are now five times richer than they were during apartheid. Now it is the turn of the English speaking South Africans under the Zuma government to get rich. They got him off the hook after his debacles. Zuma however earns some reward for preventing a civil war between Zulus and Xhosas and becoming President is what many people say the elders and ancestors want.

The ANC led liberation movement did not demand or get reparations for the harsh oppression during apartheid by the Nationalist Party and Big Business. BEEE is no substitute for reparations and radical transformation. So the poor were robbed of their spoils of war. Twenty percent of the spoils of war is not asking too much to give to the poor instead this went to cadres who are now multi millionaires. The 20 richest families in the country if they pay their reparations it will make a dent into the cycle of poverty we have. The Zuma administration will become a better Aid organization than the Thabo Mbeki regime.

AL JAMA-AH claims that according to its count 50000 votes were cast to support the Party’s call to share the shariah with Parliament and to ask lawmakers not to ignore shariah rules. It will pursue this vigorously at public hearings. At its inaugural conference that will take place before end of 2011 delegates will be asked to endorse a call for an Islamic state in South Africa, which according to the Party is not a pipedream for a country on the African continent. Quoting extensively from sources in a recent article by Adnan Rashid Ganief Hendricks went on to say that the Islamic system is the only system that carries the capacity of treating others with complete fairness. Under the Islamic system, Jews for example lived in harmony and peace for over one thousand years and so did many others …

“The Islamic system is the only system that carries the capacity of treating others with complete fairness. Under the Islamic system, Jews lived in harmony and peace for over one thousand years and some of the Jewish scholars/historians remember that era as the ‘Islamic Golden Age’. AL JAMA-AH will help herald in a golden age for South Africa.

“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety; and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is well-acquainted with what you do.”

Al-Bukhari narrated that even the immediate followers of the Prophet (SA) exercised maximum care in regards to fulfilling the promises of protection made with the non-Muslim citizens:

“Omar bin Khattab [the 2nd Caliph] said on his death bed that whoever shall succeed me must fulfill the promises of Allah and his Messenger. Whatever treaty has been made with non-Muslims must be respected by my successor. He shall fight (if he has to) to protect them and he shall not put a burden upon them which they can not bear.”

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