Muslims have special obligations in terms of the shariah towards refugees and on the occasion of “ Africa Day” AL JAMA-AH which has a mandate from thousands of Muslims who voted for the Party during the 2009 elections will lobby for South Africa to more fully comply with its obligations in terms of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Refugees. This should  also be included in the school curriculum.  The City of Cape Town  and its City Fathers missed an opportunity  during the past year to show the world the true compassionate nature of its citizens and should have done more to help refugees with their plight. This should be  a key Manifesto  point  in the run up to the 2011 Municipal elections. Cape Town should take in a fair percentage of refugees and help them to enjoy the same rights as its own citizens in every respect. They should get the free allocation of water  and 2.5% of subsidized housing should be allocated to them. They should also be given opportunities to be part of the Bambanani helpers and get jobs in the municipal police. There is  an important  role for refugees during the 2010  Soccer World Cup as many of them come from Africa. Refugees should be repatriated to their countries with resources that will help them restart their lives when the reason for fleeing  from their country has been addressed. Muslim organizations should continue to feed indigent refugees which they have done for many years.

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