Centre For Political Mentorship 38 Ysterhout Street Delft


SMS Costs R10 and will be used for the Political Party’s mentorship programme.

Party Leader Ganief Hendricks has announced the Aljama-ah Political Party’s plans to introduce more young blood as ward councilors to contest the May 2011 municipal elections in Metros and districts all over the country.

The Party is targeting young men and women in the age group 18 to 24. In this age group over 80% do not have decent jobs or are unemployed yet they constitute the “intellectual capital of the nation”, have enormous energy levels and creative skills. They want to build their own future and the Party wants to give them the best chance to cut their teeth in politics to achieve this.

The Party’s first round thinking is to reserve 1000 ward seats, recruit aspirant young politicians and train them in the art of campaigning and skill them up as ward councilors. They will also get good governance training and lectures on good morals. The Department of Labour will be approached for skills development funding and the treasury for the R1000 a month subsidy for youth jobs.

The Independent Electoral Commission does not provide funding to help Parties contest municipal elections so AL JAMA-AH has launched a novel R10 sms campaign to raise R1 million to pay for the election deposits and for their posters.

The training will be done by the Center for Political Mentorship based in Delft and which is headed up AL JAMA-AH’S Party Leader Ganief Hendricks who is a youth training and development expert and who got an award as a pioneer of the internet in 2002 for helping create new generation jobs in South Africa.SMS Costs R10 and will be used for the Political Party’s mentorship programme