White and black phone-in listeners on a SAFM national radio programme on Monday morning 12 April 2010 claimed that Muslims were the favourites of the apartheid regime and apartheid did them no harm. This caused a furore and other listeners phoned in to rebut this claim. Aljama-ah Party leader Ganief Hendricks who was a guest on the phone-in programme also slammed the views and stated that Muslims in South Africa were demographically worst off than many other communities looking at poverty and socio-economic indicators. Like for other disadvantaged South Africans it will take generations to fix the imbalances of the past. Muslims can be found amongst all the language groups in South Africa and the adherents to Islam include descendants from the Khoi San and some of the first liberation fighters in the country. The founder of Islam in South Africa Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar was awarded the Oliver Tambo medal in gold for his fight against oppression.