In a carefully orchestrated radio interview preceded by a mischievous poll Keith Gottschalk political scientist at the University Western Cape and Munadia Karan one of our most senior Muslim journalist’s ganged up to influence Muslim voters not to vote for Muslim Parties naming the Africa Muslim Party a party that contests local elections and AL JAMA-AH which is a National Party also contesting municipal elections in the City of Johannesburg cleverly not naming another so called Muslim Party formed by a full time employee of Helen Zille’s premier office who is number one on their Party list. The professor claims that AL JAMA-AH does not know the difference between municipal issues and provincial and national issues in a scathing attack that can only benefit the DA and discourage Muslim participation in the political affairs of the country. (The professor’s analysis, according to the journalist, is posted on the Aljama website and the VOC website. )The journalist uses 50 responses on her website to make an analysis that Muslims will vote for the DA whose position on events in Palestine is well known. Her poll gives the third party the most votes and she does not mention them in the scathing attack. This analysis is a blot on academic research on Muslim politics and an insult to independence and academic excellence the University of the Western Cape is well known for. Nothing sort of an apology is needed by the Professor for this lapse otherwise dont send your children to study in his political science department because he will be biased on Muslim political issues and also then not include in his discourses the positions of AL JAMA-AH below on how they will change, reshape and remodel the Municipality of Cape Town. Professor Gottschalk is set to give a biased view of Muslim politics which will further compromise academic research. If you want your child to spell properly then send him/her to study there because he corrected the one spelling mistake we made which we apologise for. Not everyone knows how to spell que(oops)

The Muslim journalist has obviously captured his imagination and he feels comfortable to base his analysis on what she feeds him.

The Party will post on the ALJAMA website by an independent journalist (to complement what it has already posted) what ALJAMA-AH has campaigned for on municipal matters in its national TV advertisement on SABC 3, its three radio ads on national radio and regional radio, its debates with other candidates arranged by civic bodies in Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, Simonstown, Lansdowne, its manifesto positions by 40 Aljama ward candidates in eight newspapers ; its several hardhitting interviews on Muslim radio stations including VOC, its debates organized by other radio stations like ETV and Cape Talk in Mitchells Plain and elsewhere and its manifesto positions captured in the half million flyers its 75 candidates distributed in 100 wards in the City of Cape Town. These positions differ from ward to ward. This clearly shows the journalist does not show what she is talking about and surely the Professor Gottschalk must now have egg on his face and refrain from commenting on Muslim politics. His standing must surely be tainted. Journalists cleverly use analysts like Professor Gottschalk has been used. His interview on VOC is unlike the responses the professor is well known for. But even professors have weaknesses for their favourite journalists.