The Family and Relatives of the Sisulus:
Quite a lot has been said and written by so many peope in the past week about the untimely passing-on of one of South Africa’s most illustrious citizens, Mrs Albertina Sisulu, invariably called “Mother of the Nation,” or “MaSisulu.”
On behalf of our party, Aljama-ah, I certainly align myself with all the very positive and inspiring sentiments expressed passionately by all these people. MaSisulu was all these things they have said. And even more.  Talk of motherhood, teacher, nurse, leadership, patriot, unifier and peace-maker – she had these in abundance.
The leadership of Al-Jamah-ah   comes mainly from a generation in the South African national liberation movement that literally grew up under her feet and her undying sacriice and service to the cause of freedom, democracy and justice.
Like her husband and comrade-in-arms, uTata Walter Sisulu, she was a great unifier of all nationaliies and religious groups in our country. She is the main reason Muslims took an active part in the liberation struggle as she held many of our hands in the many structures we wworked in.  And in that respect and many others, she lived and breathed the FREEDOM CHARTER and many of the values Islam is well known for.
Ganief Hendricks Party Leader AL JAMA-AH