Great work has been done by hundreds of AL JAMA-AH members and supporters in all nine provinces in South Africa. Up to 50 000 Muslims have voted for the Party.

The Party has 2 public representatives – the party leader is a councillor in the City of Cape Town and serves on the Athlone subcouncil and the HR/Labour Law/Corporate Services portfolio committee. He is an HR/IR expert with 40 years experience and a turnaround practioner in this field talents which he can put to good use to benefit voters.

Razak Noorbhai is a councillor in the City of Johannesburg.

In its 4th year to lay the foundations for AL JAMA-AH South Africa’s new     MUSLIM POLITICAL PARTY  and to be a partner for South Africa’s three-Party State in 2030, Party Leader Ganief Hendricks has set what he believes are realistic targets for the 2014 triple elections (municipal, provincial and national). ” We can win 2 seats in the national parliament and one seat each in the 9 provinces, five seats each in the City of Cape Town, City of Durban and the City of Johannesburg/Pretoria and one seat each in the other Cities in the country.”

To put 30 public representatives in government Muslims must:

1. Register as voters
2. Vote on election day.

Aspirant public representatives/candidates on the AL JAMA-AH ticket
1. Must pay their membership fees for the periods
(a) 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012.
(b) I July 2012 to 30 June 2013
(c) 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014.
The Constitution requires 2 years of paid up membership.
2. Raise the R500 deposit to be a candidate for Council elections, R50 000 deposit for provincial elections and R500 000 deposit for national elections.
3. Help raise R2 million for a high level election campaign.
4. Recruit 5 volunteers for each of the 2000 voting booths for campaigning and duty on voting day. (10 000 volunteers)

1. Pay your membership fees for 2011/2012. Only paid up members will be invited to party meetings. Membership fees is R15 per annum.
2. AL JAMA-AH supporters and volunteers can register to attend Party briefings.
3. After Party briefings and party meetings there will be a roll out for the national Convention of the Party on a subcouncil, provincial and then a national basis.

Comunication will largely be via this website and by email to save on costs. The Party can assist with free email addresses. Aspirant public representatives cannot do without email. Local libraries and internet cafes can also be used.