Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi won the hearts of Africans all over the Continent   but at home many Libyans hated him. One cannot but be proud that he died for what he believed in. There is now  no one left in Africa fighting colonialism and imperialism the way he did. Gaddafi killed in combat fighting to the bitter end.

Libyans are right to demand  justice and maybe they should have acted earlier than later. Libyans  however  by killing a 69 year old instead of just capturing him   have denied many the opportunity to understand their pain and hear  why a man with so much humanity did what they say he did committing atrocities many of us just cannot comprehend.

South Africans owe so much to Gaddafi. When the author was in Libya in 1974 two years before the 1976 uprisings in South Africa ordinary Libyans wanted to know what they can do for the oppressed in South Africa. Palestinians living in Libya supported these Libyans and help and assistance on an unprecedented scale reached South Africa before we won our democracy and after our democracy. During the liberation struggle the Libyans encouraged by Gaddafi supported all our liberation movements taking advice from Muslim  organizations such as Qibla which provided much logistic help handing over assistance to ANC stalwarts like Comrade Modise. Gadddafi  always went to great lenghts to say that the assistance was from the Libyan people and not him. Gaddafi lifted the morale of liberation fighters like no one did. No wonder our President and Deputy are grieving and President Nelson Mandela must be very sad if he knows how Gaddafi met his death. Like them many of us loved Gaddafi at a time Libyans now tell us Gaddafi oppressed them. We cannot help but mourn his death and celebrate his contribution in fighting colonialism and imperialism and doing so much for people all over Africa especially the poor. We also understand the legitimate outcry from ordinary Libyans inside and outside Libya.