Constitution of “AL JAMA-AH”

(adopted at the founders meeting held on 9 January 2007)

Rule 1 Name


The name of the party is AL JAMA-AH

The name and colours of AL JAMA-AH are green, white, red and black.


Rule 2 Aims and Objects


2.1        To maintain registration as a political party with the Electoral Commission with the name of AL JAMA-AH whose constitution shall be this.


2.2        To help build a South African nation with a common patriotism and loyalty in which the religious diversity of the people is recognised.


2.3        To provide a home for the youth, young and old and women as well as people with disabilities to take forward their aspirations and provide them with training and support to help them maximise their role in the political arena.


2.4        To develop a set of policies on all issues pertaining to South Africa that  Islamic values, true Christian values and Ubuntu and to lobby government to change policies that conflict with these values.


2.5        To be a voice for NGO’s and civic bodies and help them fight for substantial funding from the national fiscus and further to promote good governance in their ranks.


2.6        To invite members, the business community and the public to make voluntary financial contributions to a fund modelled on a Beitul Mahl and to use these funds to help alleviate poverty adhering to the dictum that charity knows no religion.


2.7        To support policies promoting the prevention of further global warming and protecting the environment.


Rule 3  Status, Legal, Personality & Powers


The party shall be a body corporate with perpetual secession and shall be capable of suing and being sued in its own name. The leader of the party shall be the representative of the party in such event. This authority may be delegated to any member of the party and shall be in writing.


3.1        The working Committee shall borrow or raise money from time to time with or without security.


3.2        The working Committee shall exercise any other lawful powers not inconsistent with this constitution.


3.3        Job descriptions for all positions in the party official, paid or unpaid shall be determined by the working committee.


3.4        All members shall abide by a code of conduct to be established by the working committee.





Rule 4 Policy


The highest policy making body of the party shall be the National Conference in session. Proposed policies shall first be submitted to the Policy Committee before it can be debated at the Conference. Until then the working committee shall be the highest policy making body of the party. The working committee shall also be the Policy Committee of the party. The leader of the party shall also make policies as he deems fit but shall call a working committee meeting within 1 month to ratify such policies. If no such process is followed the policy will lapse.


Rule 5  Alterations of Constitution


The constitution shall not be altered, amended or rescinded unless it is as a result of a policy that has been adopted in the form of a resolution.


Rule 6 Membership


Membership shall be open to all South African citizens who:


6.1        Subscribe to the aims, objects and policies of the party and undertake to abide by the constitution of the party.

6.2        Moreover is not a member of any other political party.

6.3        Application for membership and termination of membership shall be in terms of the appropriate policy on membership. Until such policy is in place the working committee shall approve all applications for membership and can terminate memberships.



Rule 7  Finance


The party leader may open a bank account in the name of the party and shall have the authority to sign all cheques and other bank documents.


7.1        The working committee shall decide how money will be received by the party

7.2        Who will be entitled to produce receipts

7.3        How expenditure commitments will be budgeted for by the party.


7.4        The treasurer shall act at the direction of the working committee.



Rule 8 Organizational Structure/Transitional Arrangements


8.1        The party shall be run by a working committee established in term of the attached notarial deed until a national conference is held which shall take place not later than 1 January 2012.


8.2        The national conference shall consist of all members who have paid their membership dues for at least 2 successive years and who have attended the number of prescribed meetings determined by the working committee in terms of a duly approved policy.


8.3        Other structures for the smooth functioning of the party from the date of adopting this constitution by the founder members until the inaugural national conference shall be decided by the working committee.


Rule 9 Other Constitution Issues


What is not contained herein shall be decided in terms of a policy by the working committee.


Rule 10             Dissolution


The same process will be followed like introducing a policy. The party will then be dissolved as from the date named in the resolution. The method of disposing with the assets and property of the party will be contained in the resolution.