The AL JAMA-AH Political Party took the next steps to build a strong Party machine and build capacity in its Metro Committees at its inauguaral conference held in the last weekend of 2011 in Cape Town. The Party will emabark on its first national membership campaign and target the 2000 voting stations it got votes from in the 2009 national elections.

To build a successful National Muslim Political Party and to get Muslims to play an active role in the political life of the country has been no easy task for veteran community leader Ganief Hendricks. But he said ” I had the same challenges when I embarked on establishing the the first national Muslim student body in South Africa. I convened the MSA conference and was its first PRO but had to take the leadership role for seven years as elected officials dropped out or left university. Seven years of firm leadership paid dividends and today after 42 years the MSA is stil making an impact in the lives of Muslim students.”

Getting a community broadcasting licence was not easy but Ganief appeared seven(7) times before ICASA annually to state the case prepared by radio stalwarts Allie Adams, Dr Fagmie Williams, Fatima Haron, Hamza Essack, Noor Moerat,Kader Jacobs, Salie Mohamed and Robben Islander Imam Achmat Cassiem. Radio 786 is now a multi million rand outfit after getting its permanent licence at Ganief’s 7th presentation to ICASA.

Three years after registering the AL JAMA-AH Political Party indications are that many more years of hard work is in the pipeline.