The AL JAMA-AH political Party is set to benefit from the “Arabic Spring” in the by-election taking place in Lavender Hill on 18 January now emerging in many parts of the African Continent. Muslim voters want policies inspired by Islamic values which no other Political Party in South Africa can offer since the demise of apartheid.

Party leader and campaign manager Ganief Hendricks is upbeat about the Party’s prospects to increase its support tenfold after wrapping up an intensive campaign for Muslim support in the polls.Voters have realised that the DA and before them the ANC cannot deliver and even clean their streets properly. The drug trade has flourished since the DA put in place a negotiated a ceasefire between rival gangs. Voters want change as their life prospects are so bad they want a military township. The broader community supports this position.

In the 2011 municipal elections Muslim voters gave the DA a landslide 86% victory and said a definate no to the ANC. This is set to change in the by-election to be held on Wednesday 18 January 2012 in Lavender Hill, Steenberg and Retreat. AL JAMA-AH’S ward candidate is Mugammad Yasien Abderoef.