The Lavender Hill, Steenberg and Retreat Ward 68 was retained by the DA. The AL JAMA-AH candidate Mugammad Yasien Abderoef doubled the votes the Party got in the 2011 elections. This meets the Party’s goal to triple its percentage vote. If this trend continues the Party is set to capture 3% of the vote in the 2014 elections while the Muslim community constitutes 1.5% of the population. The success of the Party is giving young Muslims a chance to grab the opportunity to take an active part in the political life of the country. In two voting stations Lavender Hill and Steenberg the Party came close to beating the ANC.

Party Leader Ganief Hendricks expresed his satisfaction with the outcome as this was an apartheid ward during the tricameral parliament which was detested by Muslim activists as it excluded Africans. After the new dispensation a Tricameral stalwart won the ward. The reduction of the votes by over 50% for the DA and the ANC which is the home of tricameral sell – outs is a welcome sign of change. The ward continues to be run into the ground with it now getting R100 000 out of a budget of nearly a R100m for the surrounding affluent areas in its subcouncil. Lavender Hill is the most gang infested and dirtiest area in the City of Cape Town.