One of the most influential Muslims in the world Moulana Igsaan Hendricks showed great leadership by apologising publicly to the Muslim Community for the lapses of the MJC Halaal Trust that may have led to many Muslims being duped into eating Pork. The registration process of the Trust is a blot against the good name of the Ulema and elders and pioneers of the MJC. They registered Orion Cold Storage knowing full well that this outfit’s mayor business is selling non halaal compliant products including Pork. The Trusts’s most senior inspector did not put in place the checks and balances after issuing halaal certificates for imported consignments. An inspector who went to do inspections to ensure consignments were properly stored failed to see open containers of Pork and the high risk of contamination.The MJC executive member who had oversight failed the MJC. They all should be fired but that is the prerogative of the powers that be.

The bread hero of South Africa Imraan Mukuddam who took on the bread cartels making it more possible for the 40 million poor South Africans to buy bread cheaper pulled off another major feat as a consumer activist to improve halaal compliance standards. He is the one Muslim who most probably has the deepest respect and love for the Ulema and is certainly not anti establishment. His son learnt his Hifz in the company of the sons of the most senior Ulema of the MJC. What is amazing is that while exerting pressure he collaborated with MJC spin doctors and staged the progressve steps the MJC took to hold a press conference, agree to an ETV interview, hold a radio public question and answer session and a public meeting where it apologised. What is more amazing is that he got the support of Muslim activists and political leaders and councillors in the City of Cape Town Dr Wasfie Hassiem and Cllr Ganief Hendricks all from a broad spectrum of opinion supportive and hostile to some MJC policies.

At a pre khutba talk at the Strand mosque the town that is home to MJC Ulema who issues its fatwas he won the hearts of the Jamaa with the humble explanation of his role as a consumer activist. Joining him was Cllr Ganief Hendricks who laid down the AL JAMA-AH policy on halaal standards which comply with the 10 rules that apply to the institution of Thabah as set out by the most senior Mufti’s of the land. The local Imam Sheikh Nazeem read the MJC apology concluding the Juma-ah which must count as the most historical khutba’s ever in the Strand following trends in Tunisia and Egypt showing people power.

With the apology in place and the promised MJC 4 point plan including setting up a body of experts to monitor MJC Halaal processes Imraan and Cllr Ganief asked the Jamaa to give the MJC the opportunity to fix the lapses of the MJC Halaal Trust. There was now no reason to continue to put more pressure on the MJC.