The famous Manenberg Avenue also called “Die Laan” was in the news this month. Known as gang territory and headquarters of the “Hard Livings, Funky kids and the Clever Kids” “die laan” was hotly contested in a by-election in ward 45 on 25 April 2012. The DA lost a third of its votes and the ANC, PAC and two other parties were beaten by the AL Al JAMA-AH candidate respected ex cop Fuaad Hendricks.The DA candidate won the ward which included Gugulethu and parts of Heideveld an ANC and DA strong hold.

AL  JAMA-AH has now contested this ward four(4) times and will continue to do so until it wins the Ward insha Allah. It contested it for the first time in a by-election in 2008, in the 2009 national elections, in the 2011 municipal elections and now in the 2012 by-elections. This is the first ward the Party has contested since its founding and must be won one day insha Allah. There are 3000 Muslims eligible  to vote in this ward.

Like in the recent Lavender Hill by-election another gang infested human settlement the AL JAMA-AH political Party doubled its votes showing an upward trend in support for the Party.

Just before the polls closed the Party fed 500 kids their only hot meal of the day. A cavalcade of the Party led by trumpeters and drums rocked Manenberg before and after Maghrieb. Hundreds of residents joined in the march down “die laan.” The crowd expressed their anger for 18 years of neglect by the DA and other Parties and tore down their posters which led to a complaint to the IEC.  The DA table was stormed maybe a sign that the Arab Spring has hit maneneberg.  Party stalwart Nadeem Peters apologised for their behaviour.

The Party will start an AL JAMA-AH Beitul Maal in “die laan” and tons of food for distribution is on its way to Party Headquarters in Cape Town. This ward has been wrecked by its councillors for the past 18 years and this will not change easily. Manenberg needs more university and college students, areas around schools should be cleaned and residents want an old age home as children neglect their elderly parents.