The MJC fired their halaal chief and allowed an independent panel of experts to check out their halaal outfit and release an unedited report. This must go a long way to help redeem their decades of wrongdoing. They must however still  be blamed for  Muslims being duped into eating pork and firing their halaal chief for sloppy supervision and certification is not good enough.  There is still no peace of mind that products certified by them can safely be 100% halaal compliant. So with the proliferation of other halaal certifying bodies.  However the Muslim butcher fraternity many who do not contribute a cent towards halaal complaince of the products they sell must take the fall for Muslims eating haraam products. They must hang their heads in shame for not making sure what they sell is hlaal and just relying on a certificate is not good enough. It is the butchers and wholesalers and manufactuers that will  carry the sins  of meat loving Muslim consumers.

Imported meat must be banned unless the importer is on site when with Alims when slaughtering takes place and accompanies the consignment and monitors it until it reaches the plates of the consumer.

The findings is a start and we are still not eating 100% halaal complaint meat anywhere in South Africa.