Hadjie was born in Surat and came to Port Louis Mauritius  at age of five. His parents  emigrated from Surat in India to Mauritius. As a young boy he worked in a news agency and had an opportunity to read all the newspapers of the day. During his lunch break he went to the harbour near his place of employment to watch the ships as they came in and meet visitors from all over the world. One such ship was from Cape Town and docked there because of a cholera outbreak. Many of the passengers just completed their Haj and were quarantined in the harbour before they could proceed to Cape Town. The young Ozeerally visted regulary and brought food from the family house and became an instant hero with the Capetonians. He was fascinated with stories about life in Cape Town and its Muslim community and befriended many of the Hajees who was in distress and who were grateful for the generosity of the Ozeerally family. 

It was a dream come true when he  took the trip to Cape Town and he was warmly welcomed by the Hajees he befriended in the Mauritius Port.  Being an eligible bachelor he got married to Zubeida van die Kaap. He took an active part in the affairs of the Muslim Community. Being a Hajee himself  he was well respected. He then got involved in community affairs and captured the imagination of the activists and the opressed at the time. He took his turn to mobilise the  povery stricken  people of Cape Town on the Grand Parade with his fiery speeches and when this was restricted he called for a non racial political party from a big rock in Klip Street the last street in District 6. Hundreds of people came to listen to his speeches. He started his first distillery in Longmarket Street bottling lemonade and ginger beer.

He also met Hajees from Kimberley and decided to take his wife to Kimberley and start his second lemonade and ginger beer factory in the town. Kimberley was the place to be with the prospecting for diamonds at its peak and hobs were grown in abundance.

He and his wife ws invited to a beauty pageant  which included  Malay girls donned their head gear bought in Mecca and the best Malay dress makers fitted them out in true Paris style. A young lady from Cape Town caught his eye. She came from Cape Town at the age of 12  in an ox wagon and her parents on the way had to slaughter a sheep in according with halaal slaughtering methods  which they put on a spit. This Lady Sadea hendricks  won the pageant  in the face of stiff ccompetition from the local elite and became the talk of the town for her beauty.

He longed for kids and his wife agreed to ask Sadea’s mother for her daughter’s hand in marriage and they got married in a wedding that was the talk of the town. This was Hadjie’s first conquest in South Africa followed by many others which were policial. Soon after he got married his first wife gave birth to a daughter Mariam Ally. Months later Sadea gave birth to their first child Kulsum mother of Salegah Hartley who lives in Wynberg cape Town and is now 90 years old. The other 16 children of  Kulsum were born in Johannesburg. Zubeda gave birth to a son Akbar Ally and before her death she asked Sadea to promise to look after her two children. So Hadjie had 19 children in all.