In the run up to the 2009 elections the manifesto promise of AL JAMA-AH  to push for radical transformation, full employmentand  poverty eradication was flighted on national television and radio and in a glossy brochure   presented to dozens of ulema bodies  like the MJC and Darul Igshaan, most of the Arab and Muslim embassies and  canvasssed at its rallies in all nine provinces. This position  gave the Party votes in 2000 voting stations – a national footprint that gave the Party a seat in the national parliament when 87% of the vote was counted to the amazement of the media. The seat suddenly disappeared  thereafter.  But AL JAMA-AH is not amazed that the ruling party has now adopted thes policies which the Party further canvassed at universities including Fort Hare University  the alma mater of the liberation movement. What the ANC has not adopted yet is reparations, AL JAMA-AH’S answer to BEEE the opium administered by Big Business  to South Africa’s black political  elite to maintain the status quo.

For the 2014 elections AL JAM-AH will add to its manifesto promises policies based on the shariah to inform the ANC on its range of policies to unleash the “second transition”. This does not mean an Islamic State for South Africa but rather a moral platform to revese the moral decay that has taken root in South Africa 20 years into our democracy.

AL JAMA-AH will have its own policy conference on the next Freedom Day and hopes to again influence the ANC on its own Manifesto promises for 2014 and laws that will follow.