Quds Day remembers the plight of Palestinians, the struggle to liberate Islam’s third holiest mosque Masjidul Aqsa and to focus on the struggles of the oppressed. The first march was led by the Qibla movement. This is the 33rd march and the parent body of the Qibla movement the IUC must be commended for keeping this signature event alive. Over the years many freedom fighters in the City have taken part in the marches and we are grateful for their support today. The suppport of Freedom fighters in the City for the liberation of Masjidul Aqsa will win the hearts of many Muslims who have just completed a month of fasting. After fasting a full month we cannot but help remember the plight of the oppressed in Cape Town. For them the call for education to get liberation is their only hope for a better life. As gains are made in education the strategy of the DA is to undermine education. A mistake was made by our comrades to increase learner educator ratios in 1994 and I hope they will fix this at Manguang in the new year. In the Western Cape big classes is vigorously implemented by MEC Donald Grant who we dont need and who can never be a liberator. He has plans to destroy education for the oppressed and he wants big classes and less schools. Big classes and less schools is the work of a tyrant wherever they are. For every school the DA builds they close down one or more and they have a game plan to ensure big classes in the schools  oppressed learners attends. We must stop the closing down of schools attended by the oppressed and the struggle of Easter Peak Secondary school has not gone unnoticed. Here elderly revolutionaries are standing with placards in the cold. Revolutionaries are a scarce breed nowadays and I hope you hoot when you drive past them. Each hoot is a missile against the DA.

The Western Cape is the last outpost of the oppressors and anti revolutionaries. It must be taken and the way forward is for opposition political parties to have one force to fight the 2014 elections in the Western Cape. We need a Patriotic Front to do so and the Muslim vote must support the Patriotic Front. Muslims have the balance of power and must use their vote and suppport the freedom fighters who stand today in solidarity with us for the liberation of Masjidul Aqsa. We call on opposition parties to unite to get Muslims and freedom loving people to vote for them. The ANC made a mistake to try and run this City and this province with former oppressors. AL JAMA-AH extends a hand of friendship to all opposition parties in the Western Cape and if we win the Province together the Western Cape will be the vanguard of the liberation struggle in South Africa and no the last outpost of the former oppressors.