No Comment on AJ – DA


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has declined to comment on a responding letter from the Al Jama-ah party, demanding that it disclose its party funding. Al Jama-ah had given the DA four days to reply, warning that it would distribute pamphlets calling on the public not to vote for the party. DA federal executive chairperson James Selfe told VOC News their legal team is in the process of drafting its reply to Al Jama-ah, expected to be completed on Monday.

Al Jama-ah is pressing the DA to respond to critical questions about its association with Zionist billionaire Nathan Kirsch and its stance on the Palestine-Israeli conflict.  This follows a legal letter sent from the DA’s attorney Mindie Schapiro and Smith to Al Jama-ah, demanding the party not circulate an election pamphlet, which it claims is an “infringement of the electoral act”. The DA threatened it would take legal action should the poster be disseminated to the public.

The controversial flyer states that a vote for the DA is “a betrayal of the Palestinian struggle”.  Al Jama-ah has based its assertion on reports that DA parliamentary candidate Glynnis Breytenbach was paid money by UK billionaire Nathan Kirsch, whose company Magal Security Systems, provided material for the construction of the Israeli apartheid wall in the West Bank. A United Nations resolution declared the barrier illegal in October 2003.

The pamphlet is targeted at the party’s Muslim constituency and explains why ‘it is haraam to vote for the DA’. According to the party’s attorney Zehir Omar, there were spiritual implications for Muslims who voted for the DA. The party’s aim with the pamphlet was to make “the truth” known.

Analysts say the DA has spoken in two tongues on the Palestine-Israeli issue. At a meeting with the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) last month, Zille clearly stated that the DA believes in a two-state solution, which she termed “two states for two peoples”. Zille said that while the peace process is making good progress in the Middle East, “it is wrong to try and make any one side out to be solely responsible for the problem.” VOC