AL JAMA-AH vies for prison vote

AL JAMA-AH had a Party agent at Pollsmoor prison wearing a fez. The only other Party who had an agent was the Patriotic Alliance who had 4 party agents. In charge of the prison medium A was Mr Naidoo who is a Muslim according to the warders. He was very efficient and co-operative.

Our agent arrived at 7am as advised by the I.E.C. but they only pitched at 10H00. The voting was suppose to start at Mininum prison but commenced at maximum which cause caused some chaos in the planning. The first vote was cast at 10H30. Prisoners had to show a slip with there  ID number and had to Que as there was only one voting booth. The IEC forgot their voters roll which caused another delay. Voting was private and our agent could observe the process which was free and fair.

Rashied Staggie cast his vote under the watchful eye of our Party Agent.

He moved from maximum to medium A and then medium B and then to the  women’s prison and lastly to minimum.

Our agent signed on the ballot box after it was sealed. He wrote down the number of the ballot box for the ward which was ward 71.

400 voters cast their votes and there were about 40 Muslim voters with fezzes some who greeted our agent with the Islamic greeting.

Going through the prisons our agent established that 70% were Muslims.  Rashied  Staggie who is at Minimum cast his vote and he hugged the 4 agents and was allowed to chat to them.

Our own agent’s   son voted and waved his hands so AL JAMA-AH  at least got his vote.

Matters were delayed to wait for a bigwig who arrived with an ANC sweater. He cast his vote after  some objections by our Party Agent.

Our agent’s duty came to an end at 4 p.m.

The Patriotic Alliance was granted 4 observers in the womens section which seemed irregular and there were reports of notes going to and for  from party agent to prisoner which everyone know is the norm.