On the eve of the elections Moulana Ravat of Radio Islam lambasted AL JAMA-AH for getting dissenting Mufti’s to unban voting in South Africa. “How can you reach accords with Mufti’s that ban eating Sanha certified chickens.” This he did in the same week that his Mufti Bam met the dissenting Muftis  twice in conciliatory efforts supported by AL JAMA-AH .  Rather unprofessional for a radio presenter also  flouting ICASA regulations. Then after the poll closed Moulana Bobo(spelling ?) also of the hostile Radio Islam community radio station lambasted AL JAMA-AH for wasting  R600 000 of the community’s money by contesting the elections as if the community in away contributed to the deposits. He is under investigation by ICASA  for incitement unless he apologises.

Their other Moulanas in their wider camp   went on the rampage on  social media to say the Party was owned by Imam Rashid  Omar of the Claremont Main Road Mosque, further that he headed up an Iranian business consortium  in South Africa who funded the Party and further that AL JAMA-AH  was  a Shia Party.   Nothing can be further from the truth. AL JAMA-AH’S Party leader is a trustee of the Majlisush Shura Al Islami whose views on Shiasm is well know. For his membership  with Shura Ganief Hendricks was denied a visa by Iranian  Embassy.