There is 24 months to go before the next national municipal elections in South Africa. AL JAMA-AH will contest most of the over 100 municipalities in the nine provinces and aim for a  PR councillor seat in most of the municipalities and 100 ward councillor seats where it had the most support in the 2014 elections.

Membership of the Party is renewed on 1 July each year and this is a reminder and an invitation in this regard. There is a two year consecutive membership requirement to be a candidate for the Party and to meet this constitutional requirement we are suggesting that early membership for 2016 be done simultaneously with the 2015 membership renewal. That means a membership fee of R30 must be paid for the two years.

The Party needs a sustainable budget as  the present bridging finance loan  for the  elections deposits of R440 000 ( R210 000 for 2009,  R8000 for 2011 and R222 000 for 2014 ) for the past 7 years   has come to an end.  The Party will now open a new banking account as determined by the finance committee already  in place who will administer the funds as from 1 June 2014.

In the membership campaign that is launched now the focus will be on PR candidates and ward councillors for the Party and supporters and those who voted for the party but who are not available as candidates.

At the same time of the membership campaign the Party is now calling for nominations and applications for PR councillors and ward councillors. Applications will only be accepted when the R30 membership fee is paid. There will be a voluntary requirement that aspirant councillors sign a debit order of R20 per month or more to fund the office of the Party managing the membership and candidate campaign process. THis will raise R480 per candidate for office expenses. Once accepted as a candidate the aspirant candidate will have to raise a provisional R1000  towards the deposits required by the I.E.C.  and organise fund raising activities and collection drives to raise money for  their campaign and the Party’s campaign funds. A special fund will be established to assist aspirant candidates who cannot meet these  financial requirements.

Branches of the Party will be  organised  in terms of the wards that presently exist and where there is an interest to contest the elections. As soon as 20 members are signed up as paid up members (R30) in a ward a branch meeting will be called to plan the AGM of the branch where an executive committee will be elected and an application be made to the General Secretary of the Party for the branch to be accredited. Once accredited the branch will be required to appoint a selection committee to consider all applications for councillor positions and submit their nominations to the Party Leader for approval. An appeal process will be put in place for applications that are not successful and an objection process will be put in place against successful candidates.

There will be an initial 3 month  campaign starting 1 June 2014 and ending 31 August 2014 to draw up the candidate list for  the 2016 municipal elections. If there are not sufficient candidates there will be a second 3 month campaign. The first  target is 25000  paid up members and 1000 candidates. A higher target will be considered after 31 August 2014. This will raise an estimated  R1 million in membership fees and donations. The 1000 candidates if they pay their R20 per month  or more as from 1 June 2014 for 2 years will raise an additional R500 000 . Each candidate is expected to raise R10 000 in fundraising and collections which will raise an additional R10 000 000. It is forecasted that the party will raise R11 500 000 that is just under R12 million in this membership and candidate nomination process in the next 3 months.

Once   a minimum of 25 councillors has been nominated by their branches the aspirant councillor and two elected branch members      ( An elected conference of 75 delegates plus the present interim NEC and NW working committee members and experts appointed by the party leader(maximum 10)  will elect the NEC of the Party and elect a Party Leader.

The present Party Leader will appoint 5 long standing members that has served the Party since its launch to serve as National Working Committee members to play an oversight role in terms of the Constitution. Nominations by any paid up member can also be submitted for consideration.