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IMG_1617IMG_1614IMG_1607IMG_1632After a talent search  in South Africa AL JAMA-AH  has sent a Qari and a Qariah to contest the 56th International Malaysian Quranic Recital Assembly in Kuala Lumpur starting on 16 June 2014. To celebrate Youth Day in South Africa which is also held on 16 June and which was the turning point to bring down apartheid young Qutsieyah Allie a sixteen year old who is a  current student of AL JAMA-AH stalwart Sheikh Abduragmaan Salie will be the female contestant. It is our dua that her selection will encourage the youth to love the Quran, recite the Quran and recite it melodiously and highlight moderate islam which is the theme of this year’s Assembly. Sheikh Harun Moos is the male contestant and a favourite to win as he was a finalist seven years ago. Sheikh Abdul Aziez Brown is part of the voluntary support team and a Maqaamat coach. Both he and Sheikh Harun are a new breed of Qari’s which aims to make the Muslim community in South Africa a thikr community. Cape Town is set to become the training City  for up and coming Qari’s and Qariah’s.