Muslims set to vote as a block for Al Jama-ah in 2016 municipal elections in August

Muslims set to vote as a block for Al Jama-ah in 2016 municipal elections in August.

Muslims to help rule Cape Town

After 8 years in politics Al Jama-ah’s votes has gone up by up to 72% in many areas says Party Leader Ganief Hendricks. Those who voted for Al Jama-ah did not waste their vote as each vote has helped the Party grow. We must now get more Muslims to register as voters and ask the Muslim voter to vote for Al Jama-ah in the 2016 municipal elections in August next year a date which must still be confirmed later. We need to win more votes and raise more money. Islam shapes our vision. The Coloureds and whites vote en bloc for the DA and the Africans vote en bloc for the ANC. Islamic values, Islamic policies and improving the Islamicity index is the solution to getting more jobs, eliminating poverty, making areas safe and ensuring service delivery. ” I am a jobs expert, Muslims are charitable and we are the most peace loving community no matter what anyone says. So everyone will always have a warm plate of food if Muslims help rule Cape Town. The Muslim voter have the balance of power but there is not a single Muslim councillor in Mitchell’s Plain the largest suburb where we live. Twenty percent of eligible voters are Muslim but we do not have a single Muslim on the DA’s mayoral committee. This committee rules and they are white dominated.

The DA shares power without losing white control. If you vote DA you vote white control. Most of the tenders goes to whites and land and property development to the DA property cabal. The number of Muslim councillors in DA has been halved. Muslims have no say in the DA which rules Cape Town and don’t care about Muslims. How can we fight to liberate Masjidul Aqsa and defeat the zionists and still vote DA.

In 2016 Muslims must use their vote and tell supporters of Israel Zionism ” don’t mess with us” as we take power away from you. Muslims will help rule Cape Town from 2016 In Sha Allah and make Cape Town a better place to live.

If the Muslim voter puts their cross next to Al jama-ah we can get 20 seats and have the balance of power between the DA and the ANC and ensure they treat Muslims fairly and give Muslims more jobs, more houses, more bursaries, more tenders and more business opportunities. In this way we can help the poor more because Muslims like to give sadakah and charity.