After a radio interview during prime time  on AL ANSAR during the final   voter    registration weekend  listeners phoned in requesting that    the    AL JAMA-AH political Party  start a branch in the town.  After this show of support the President  of the Party Ganief Hendricks stated that this shows that the town is not a “sleepy hollow” but wide awake to get Muslims to take part in the political life of the country.

The Party gave an undertaking to start the branch and early indications are that a Council seat  for the Party is in the bag for  this District of KZN. The Party will despatch its KZN leader Muhammed Ally from nearby Umzinto to the town and surrounds. The Party President plans to take  a symbolic journey by train  to Pietermaritzurg like his grandpa did to show solidarity with the Ghandis when Mrs Ghandi was jailed nearby for defying the pass laws. This time to get more people  especially the youth interested in politics.