Message of fear by America to fasting South African Muslims

From sending a message of fear on his website to  South African Muslims Chief of Mission of the American Embassy in South Africa, Ambassador  Patrick Gaspard in a response to a protest letter by    AL JAMA-AH President Ganief Hendricks wished all the Muslims of South Africa “peace in the special month of Ramadan.”  He noted that he understood that Ramadan is a time for prayer and reflection and the holiest month of the year. Like  millions of Muslims in the United States  Muslims  in South Africa are also  praying, fasting and spending time with their families.  He gave  AL JAMA-AH the assurance that no shopping malls in Cape Town and Johannesburg will be bombed by terrorists.

It has now been revealed that an East African agent triggered the false alarm leading to America requiring its Embassy to post the security message.  Ambassador Gaspard stated in his response signed by himself before he boarded a plane to leave South Africa that he “understood and appreciated the Party’s perspective. ” He was obliged to post the security message on orders from his administration.

In a strongly worded protest letter AL JAMA-AH accused America  of harming South African Muslims and demeaning the month of Ramadan and stated that the message instilled fear in many young Muslims fasting for  the first time and took the joy out of this act of worship for many of them. ” In addition to enduring the rigours of fasting you caused us to fast with fear. This is nothing but cruel

While President Zuma wished his South African compatriots well over Ramadan  when the moon was sighted to start the holy fast the South African Embassy of President Obama of America  sent a message of fear.