Throw poo ( human faeces) at the Premier’s front door gets one a top job but part of your job is to temper protests on sanitation harm. Dont however try and do that at our airports then you are thrown in jail. While poo throwers have brought inhuman policies on sanitation by the three tiers of the state  to the attention of the country thousands of African kids rot in sewage  and live in sewage in our informal settlements. Aljama has taken steps to change this by laying a formal written complaint with the Public Protector about conditions in Masiphumelele, Noordhoek in the Far South in the City of Cape Town. The outcome of this complaint will have to wipe out squatter camps. Sourh Africa has no sanitation policy with legal muster except the National Environmental Management  Act which the Party has used in its complaint. The pictures tell a story about the criminal living conditions African kids have to live in. The collage of pictures showcase conditions in what is claimed the best sanitation practices in the City. Just imagine the horror in the other 200 squatter camps. At the time the pictures were posted the Director of Environmental Enforcement and the City Fathers had no quarrel with these conditions. The Mayor waits for  the findings which she expects to say these conditions break no laws. Aljama’s position is that these inhumane conditions are criminal and those with mandate neglecting their duty should be jailed in terms of the Nema Act.