Mayor and Premier under fire.

  2. (PP office disrespected. DA rules.)

A month later the living conditions are worse as seen  after a site visit by Cllr Ganief Hendricks a member of portfolio committee for oversight, the mini Mayor for the precinct and surrounding beachy suburbs, Cllr Eddie Andrews, the new Human Rights Commissioner Chris Nissen and the Public Protector Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane. The Public Protector told the nation that she is dismayed that the ward councillor for Masiphumelele  Alderman Felicity Purchase week after week reports that there are high standards of service delivery. This claim got the Mayor to say in full council that all is well in response to concerns raised by AL JAMA-AH. The Mayor was supported by the Provincial Director of Environmental Enforcement and task team which included Advocate Mowzer of the Minister of Water Affairs and Sanitation’s Department. The Director lapsed his punitive Directive maybe under pilitircal pressure. Both Mayor being threatened and Premier threatening have same political masters.

So the question is ” are the living conditions inhumane or not”. The Press was there in full force.

 Who do we believe – the Mayor or the Public Protector. 

Both the Mayor and Premier’s office snubbed the Public Protector’s urgent subpoena to join her on a second site visit. So contempt charges will now be processed. Not sure if they will be handcuffed. Look at lenghts people go. So the Advocate  has to force them now to go on site visit and see for themselves instead of listening to the local ward councillor and once again swop her stiletto heels for flat shoes to march through the sewage infested township. They should learn from kids living there and wear rain boots or better still gumboots.

Th City is aware of the complaints since Dr Palmer the Director of Ennvironmental Enforcement threathened to jail the City Manager if it did put in place a sanitorial service in Masi or fine them up to R10 million.

AL JAMA-AH’s concern is that our kids continue to live in sewage using the Afrikaans term is not nice. But the complaint which we laid is in good hands. The DA shot us down in Council because they have majority. That is why we have a PP chaoter 9 institution. It is not winner takes all otherwise oppression will prevail.

AL JAMA-AH threw a lifeline to Zulu voters enabling them to vote in many parts of KZN. Now we throwing a lifeline to kids in informal settlements. Our complaint is on the record.