DA rules City of Cape Town with iron fist. Mandela Day Tragedy

The DA says it rules so any attempt by opposition parties to seek redress fails. It will not consider any proposals that may benefit residents. 

Babies living in Masiphumele are starting to die as reported in The Cape Times  from chest infections and the DA has ignored this warning from the Director of Environment Enforcement 4 months ago. 

Al Jama-ah met with the  Speaker, submitted a motion, put a written question to the Mayor, did a follow up question with the Mayor in full Council, proposed amendments to the Budget and made two attempts to make use of the Mayor’s open door policy but the DA continued to ignore the warning that its sanitation policies and responses to the living conditions in this township will harm its residents.

The Constitution of South Africa made provisition to deal with such injustices by putting in place chapter 9 institutions. While the Human Rights Commission sat on complaints gor nearly a year before acting the Public Protector has responded more positively and the Party awaits its remedial action. The Party expects a finding by the Public Protector that the DA kills babies and will come up with remedial orders that will save lives. It also expects the Director of Environmental Enforcement to issue a second warning to the DA to stop harming residents of Masiphumelele and put  in place long term monitoring of service delivery neglect in the township.

There are six infants  in the local hospital suffering from chest complaints, the one that has died being buried on Mandela Day.

Al Jama-ah is now taking legal advice on prosecuting those responsible for non compliance with the National Environment Management Act causing these deaths.