NGO which helps a dozen vulnerable Muslim women approaches High Court to amend laws which will lead to Muslim marital disputes adjudicated by just any judge.

  • The Womens Legal Centre helps a dozen vulnerable Muslim women with big marital disputes and wants court to harm hundreds and thousands of Muslim women by getting their marital disputes resolved by just any judge and not Qadis and qualified Muslim experts whose hearts are close to the Dien. One must love the Dien to make proper judgements.
  •  Here are the amendments and pleas they have made to the court without consulting a single Alim. Who do the Trustees of this NGO think they are. In court Counsel have accused them of speaking with “forked tongues”. The attorney of the Jamiate KZN Brother Kazi reject their submissions below and they want government to pay the cost of their 4 Counsel who is holding the government and the Muslim community to ransom for nearly 30 days of legal costs.Do these Trustees and their employees have Islam at heart. They seem to want to set the scene to rule Muslims. Who do they think they are.
  • Demands of the Trustees of the Womens Legal Centre.

  • The High Court to tell Parliament to make new laws to deal with Muslim Marriage Law.

    Muslims to get married in terms of the Recognition of Customary Marriages of 1998.

    The Department of Justice to prepare standard operating procedures for the Masters Office on how to deal with the dissolution of deceased Estates of Muslim marriages.

    Muslim marital to be in terms of common law.

    The effect of the pleas it is going to be argued is that Muslim Marriages will also be guided by all 4 Marriage laws of the country and adjudicated by just any judge.

    The Jamiatul Ulema KZN is expected to take the lead to rebut these pleas and demands  to take control out of the hands of the Ulema who they  also ridiculed in Court saying they issue talaqs in pajamas in the street.