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Message of fear by America to fasting South African Muslims

From sending a message of fear on his website to  South African Muslims Chief of Mission of the American Embassy in South Africa, Ambassador  Patrick Gaspard in a response to a protest letter by    AL JAMA-AH President Ganief Hendricks wished all the Muslims of South Africa “peace in the special month of Ramadan.”  He noted that he understood that Ramadan is a time for prayer and reflection and the holiest month of the year. Like  millions of Muslims in the United States  Muslims  in South Africa are also  praying, fasting and spending time with their families.  He gave  AL JAMA-AH the assurance that no shopping malls in Cape Town and Johannesburg will be bombed by terrorists.

It has now been revealed that an East African agent triggered the false alarm leading to America requiring its Embassy to post the security message.  Ambassador Gaspard stated in his response signed by himself before he boarded a plane to leave South Africa that he “understood and appreciated the Party’s perspective. ” He was obliged to post the security message on orders from his administration.

In a strongly worded protest letter AL JAMA-AH accused America  of harming South African Muslims and demeaning the month of Ramadan and stated that the message instilled fear in many young Muslims fasting for  the first time and took the joy out of this act of worship for many of them. ” In addition to enduring the rigours of fasting you caused us to fast with fear. This is nothing but cruel

While President Zuma wished his South African compatriots well over Ramadan  when the moon was sighted to start the holy fast the South African Embassy of President Obama of America  sent a message of fear.

End the Occupation

Every year horselovers led by the Helderberg Horse Association in Maccassar march from the horse showgrounds to the Shrine of Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar  in a horse cavalcade of horse riders and horse carts.  The event happens during the Easter weekend when thousands of Muslims camp out at the Kramat at the Shrine to keep up a tradition of over 300 years.

Sheikh Yusuf launched the liberation struggle in South Africa and for this he was awarded the “Friends of Oliver Tambo”  medal in gold posthumously. He is now a South African hero.


Each year Muslims and freedom fighters took the journey with their horse and cart from Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Swellendam –  a  two to four week trip to Maccassar to listen to the Founder of Islam and later  to his his companions and their progeny on ways to liberate the country and practice Islam.

This year AL JAMA-AH was a sponsor at the horseshow and the President Ganief Hendricks  was invited to be part of the  horse cavalcade.

Ward candidate for macassar Hafiz Raa-iq Basadien pins rosette to one of the winners.

Ganief  was warmly welcomed by the Secretary of the Muslim Judicial Council as he entered the Kramat amid cheers from  thousands of campers. The MJC stated that South Africa will not be free as long as Palestine is occupied and that the march will take place  each year until Palestine is free.





The South African contestant gave a world class performance at this world class Quranic Recital event. The contest was won by Malaysia.

The AL JAMA-AH nominee was Sheikh Harun Moos from Cape Town. The talent search was conducted by South Africa’s prime Muslim  TV station DEENTV who also recorded the recitals of contestants. The contestant was selected by different panels under the watchful eye of convenor  Imam Mohamed Edries of the Maitland Mosque.  Thoerria Najaar took charge of the PR work . Ms I.Cloete the admin and Ismail Davids tasked to raise funds for a support team. The nominations were submitted   by the President of AL JAMA-AH Ganief  Hendricks.

The results for the Tilawah segment  scanned below was forwarded to AL JAMA-AH by the organisers representing the Malaysian Government.



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IMG_1617IMG_1614IMG_1607IMG_1632After a talent search  in South Africa AL JAMA-AH  has sent a Qari and a Qariah to contest the 56th International Malaysian Quranic Recital Assembly in Kuala Lumpur starting on 16 June 2014. To celebrate Youth Day in South Africa which is also held on 16 June and which was the turning point to bring down apartheid young Qutsieyah Allie a sixteen year old who is a  current student of AL JAMA-AH stalwart Sheikh Abduragmaan Salie will be the female contestant. It is our dua that her selection will encourage the youth to love the Quran, recite the Quran and recite it melodiously and highlight moderate islam which is the theme of this year’s Assembly. Sheikh Harun Moos is the male contestant and a favourite to win as he was a finalist seven years ago. Sheikh Abdul Aziez Brown is part of the voluntary support team and a Maqaamat coach. Both he and Sheikh Harun are a new breed of Qari’s which aims to make the Muslim community in South Africa a thikr community. Cape Town is set to become the training City  for up and coming Qari’s and Qariah’s.