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Al jama-ah taking the lead on recognition of religious marriages and sewage free informal settlements and real public participation

Professor Emeritus Suleman Dangor wrote in a Muslim newspaper that AL JAMA-AH stalwarts argue that the Party is devoted to uphold and promote Islamic values within the political system. Their message is that the Party is a natural home for Muslims who are concerned about ethical issues. But this mission of the Party has dramatically changed. An examination of the support the Party got in the 2016 Municipal Elections show that many voters outside the Muslim faith in looking for an alternative political Party to vote for place a premium on a leadership they can trust who come from a community that is very charitable and for whom alleviating poverty knows no religion. That’s why a large slice of our vote increasing our Councillor count from two to nine come from these voters. So politics knows no religion. This puts a fresh obligation on AL JAMA-AH to deal with the pressing issues of diverse communities. So while the Party works hard to get legal consequences for Muslim marriages, fights to get favourable zoning decisions for mosques and Islamic institutions and to vote against increasing alcohol trading hours it has to at the same time work hard on the issues of the day facing other communities outside their faith.

In the rural areas of KZN Muslim Zulu voters want to know why they must complete membership application forms as they see themselves as automatic members of the Party because they are Muslims. Voters outside the Muslim faith wants the Party to exempt them policies of the Party based solely on the Muslim faith unless it is dealing with socio-economic issues. This means that a policy conference must deal with this challenge and exempt them from certain policies because it is largely faith based. This positions AL JAMA-AH as a mainstream political party and an alternative political Party for an emerging voter base that want change and a fresh approach to service delivery issues and lawmaking.

The most conservative Ulema are also embracing AL JAMA-AH as their political Party. Muslim schools, Hafez schools and Ulooms are now asking the Party to conduct master political workshops so their graduates can see politics as a career but with a main purpose to oversee procurement practices and deal with corruption that is so rife in government and the private sector.

So the days of an easy ride in politics just to promote Islamic values is over.
AL JAMA-AH is now a Party for all communities. After the King of the Zulus has recognized Islam as an official religion of the Kingdom the Party is inundated to deliver to all Zulus irrespective of their faith. The King of the Basothos summoned the Party’s leadership to Harrismith in the Fee State politely asking for investment from the Muslim community and Muslim countries to sped up jobs for their subjects. In Estcourt in the Natal Midlands the Party has been voted in to occupy a Deputy Mayor position and after a year in the position the Party has been complimented by the Mayor for bringing stability to this municipality. The Party is also addressing the sad phenomenon of cannibalism with Inkatha in the region. In Soweto the demand to alleviate poverty presents unique challenges for the Party. Nine councilors are inadequate for the Party to deliver. So it is aiming for 100 councillors in the 2021 municipal elections and placing shadow councilors in place in the selected municipalities it feels it can get a seat.

What does AL JAMA-AH do differently to other opposition Parties to get results? The Party is outvoted by the ruling party sometimes with the support of the official opposition Party. The Party is also not represented in the national parliament.

In its efforts to get legal consequences for Muslim marriages the Party took a bold step to use the opportunities provided by the Constitution and the Courts to make its voice heard which has resulted in the ruling party approaching the Party to come up with a draft bill to give recognition to religious marriages in such a way that Muslim leaders and the community will have no quarrel with such a Bill. This is unprecedented in South African politics and the birth of a patriotic alliances whatever that means.

Cape Town has over 200 informal settlements many of its walkways, streets and pavements steeped in sewage because of inhuman sanitary policies. Communities have emptied their poo on the steps of the legislature and poo throwers have hit the headlines. During by-elections as we campaign in these areas the Party is asked what are we going to do as a small party about their sewage problems. Taking up these issues in portfolio committees and full Council is a waste of time as the party has very little speaking time and its issues brushed off. So AL JAMA-AH came up with using legislation and complaints to chapter nine institutions which led to the City of Cape Town being criminally charged by the provincial government led by its own Party members and the Public Protector and the Human Rights Commissioner finding the City guilty of neglect and using alternative dispute resolution to bring about healthy sanitorial practices in the informal settlements. This is a first for South African municipal government where delegated powers are overruled by the intervention of chapter nine institutions.

While progress has been made with regard to two key challenges for the Party it has its eye on many issues dealing with public participation in the the IDP and budgets for municipalities. At the moment this is a big scam as the City has a policy of just ticking the boxes and no real public participation. The City of Cape Town wants to kick the party off it appeals committee for voting against extending liquor trading hours but this arbitrary decision is being taken to the Party’s legal advisor and the Chief Whip has delayed this unilateral step.

A cherry on the top for the Party is that it has the ear of the national ruling Party, access to the Big 6 of the executive and a line of communication to Director Generals. This in spite of the Party not being tied to the policies of the ANC and voting against its policies when this is necessary, the only commitment being that we are united in fighting a return to white rule in South Africa.

Muslims in South Africa no threat to State Security

Brochure: Rise of Islamic Extremism in South Africa

Keynote address:  ‘ Why isolate Islamic Extremism’ .


Argues that Muslims most peaceful community in South Africa with 300 year history of patriotism.







The South African contestant gave a world class performance at this world class Quranic Recital event. The contest was won by Malaysia.

The AL JAMA-AH nominee was Sheikh Harun Moos from Cape Town. The talent search was conducted by South Africa’s prime Muslim  TV station DEENTV who also recorded the recitals of contestants. The contestant was selected by different panels under the watchful eye of convenor  Imam Mohamed Edries of the Maitland Mosque.  Thoerria Najaar took charge of the PR work . Ms I.Cloete the admin and Ismail Davids tasked to raise funds for a support team. The nominations were submitted   by the President of AL JAMA-AH Ganief  Hendricks.

The results for the Tilawah segment  scanned below was forwarded to AL JAMA-AH by the organisers representing the Malaysian Government.



See Website:

IMG_1617IMG_1614IMG_1607IMG_1632After a talent search  in South Africa AL JAMA-AH  has sent a Qari and a Qariah to contest the 56th International Malaysian Quranic Recital Assembly in Kuala Lumpur starting on 16 June 2014. To celebrate Youth Day in South Africa which is also held on 16 June and which was the turning point to bring down apartheid young Qutsieyah Allie a sixteen year old who is a  current student of AL JAMA-AH stalwart Sheikh Abduragmaan Salie will be the female contestant. It is our dua that her selection will encourage the youth to love the Quran, recite the Quran and recite it melodiously and highlight moderate islam which is the theme of this year’s Assembly. Sheikh Harun Moos is the male contestant and a favourite to win as he was a finalist seven years ago. Sheikh Abdul Aziez Brown is part of the voluntary support team and a Maqaamat coach. Both he and Sheikh Harun are a new breed of Qari’s which aims to make the Muslim community in South Africa a thikr community. Cape Town is set to become the training City  for up and coming Qari’s and Qariah’s.


One cannot be a Muslim swearing allegiance to Allah’s marriage laws and be a Muslim swearing allegiance to the Marriage Act of 1961.  Two marriage certificates and Allah forbid two divorce certificates. Also two marriage ceremonies.

The South African government spent R5 million to issue  150 marriage officers licences to nominees of the MJC and the Islamic propagation Centre in Cape Town and Durban.

According to Naeem Jinnah of the MYM and head of several research centres “nothing has changed” in a rebuttal to senior members of the MYM.  The  “Imara” oversight body of the MJC slammed its executive body and acting President (of the Cravenby Mosque)   for the hype around the issuing of these licences saying that it does not legalise Muslim marriages in any way. In fact in a submission to the Constitutional Court its chief spokesperson on marriages Imam Mouti Saban on behalf of the “Imara” and its leadership over the past 40 years condemned Muslim marriage officers in terms of the Marriage Act of 1961 as the Act is Haraam and swears  allegiance to the Act and not Allah’s marriage  laws.

The MJC executive lobbied the Department  of Home Affairs for these licences which led to the Deputy State President creating a media hype that Muslim marriages are legal. A sad way to end his office at least in the Muslim community.

As far as AL JAMA-AH is concerned Nikah’s have legal consequences and the clauses in the Marriage Act of 1961 being used to negate these marriages are unconstitutional. Further Muslims do not need a secular state to  give  Nikah’s recognition. Islam recognises it. All Muslims want is legal consequences which it has.  The administrative actions of the Department of Home Affairs is with respect unlawful.


Mr Mosotho Moepya the Chief Electoral Officer of the I.E.C. is looking into the complaint by AL JAMA-AH that the “remainders” of  three(3) parties were less than AL JAMA-AH  yet they got extra remainder seats and AL JAMA-AH none. Also votes meant for AL JAMA-AH were allocated to AGANG like in Surrey Estate.

Mr Moepya personally phoned AL JAMA-AH President  Ganief Hendricks to advise that the matter is receiving his personal attention.

This gesture is appreciated by the Party and the first step for the Party to regain trust in the I.E.C.

The Party is also concerned about getting nil votes in voting stations fro the Provincial ballot while it got hundreds of votes on the national ballot in those voting stations and letters from irate supporters that their votes were not counted.



The Party increased its voter support in the City of Cape Town and the City of Johannesburg  where it has PR council seats by nearly 50% and support for Muslim political Parties has grown fourfold since AL JAMA-AH registered as a political party in 2007.

Twenty seven parties contested the Western Cape elections and AL JAMAA-AH came out proudly  in 5th position – no mean feat. At national level out of 29 parties it was in the top dozen.

If  the party gets council seats in the other 100  municipalities it will reach the magic figure of 50 000 to get a seat in parliament in 2019.

The Party is also a platform for other community parties and activists  that don’t have a quarrel with AL JAMA-AH’S Islamic values and them using the AL JAMA-AH platform will further swell its numbers.


The decision to have one Muslim Party  to contest the 2014 elections under the banner of AL JAMA-AH has further  consolidated the Muslim vote and there is once again a clear electoral mandate that the  values policies, programmes and of the Party must  be based on the shariah. The  opposite view by the Imam of the Claremont Road Mosque  Imam Rashied Omar,  political commentator Naim Jeennah and other sought off commentators   that this position is flawed has been rebuffed to a certain extent at least.  Insha Allah one day the shariah will rule. The shariah can benefit all communities and not only Muslims.  This can also happen in South Africa.

AL JAMA-AH received more votes than it did in 2009 and it received votes in all 9 provinces in nearly 4000 voting stations.  So in future one more vote in each voting station adds 4000 votes. However AL JAMA-AH has not reached the magic figure of 50 000 votes to guarantee it a seat in parliament.  The target for the future is  10 more votes in each voting station which is not a pipe dream.