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After a radio interview during prime time  on AL ANSAR during the final   voter    registration weekend  listeners phoned in requesting that    the    AL JAMA-AH political Party  start a branch in the town.  After this show of support the President  of the Party Ganief Hendricks stated that this shows that the town is not a “sleepy hollow” but wide awake to get Muslims to take part in the political life of the country.

The Party gave an undertaking to start the branch and early indications are that a Council seat  for the Party is in the bag for  this District of KZN. The Party will despatch its KZN leader Muhammed Ally from nearby Umzinto to the town and surrounds. The Party President plans to take  a symbolic journey by train  to Pietermaritzurg like his grandpa did to show solidarity with the Ghandis when Mrs Ghandi was jailed nearby for defying the pass laws. This time to get more people  especially the youth interested in politics.

End the Occupation

Every year horselovers led by the Helderberg Horse Association in Maccassar march from the horse showgrounds to the Shrine of Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar  in a horse cavalcade of horse riders and horse carts.  The event happens during the Easter weekend when thousands of Muslims camp out at the Kramat at the Shrine to keep up a tradition of over 300 years.

Sheikh Yusuf launched the liberation struggle in South Africa and for this he was awarded the “Friends of Oliver Tambo”  medal in gold posthumously. He is now a South African hero.


Each year Muslims and freedom fighters took the journey with their horse and cart from Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Swellendam –  a  two to four week trip to Maccassar to listen to the Founder of Islam and later  to his his companions and their progeny on ways to liberate the country and practice Islam.

This year AL JAMA-AH was a sponsor at the horseshow and the President Ganief Hendricks  was invited to be part of the  horse cavalcade.

Ward candidate for macassar Hafiz Raa-iq Basadien pins rosette to one of the winners.

Ganief  was warmly welcomed by the Secretary of the Muslim Judicial Council as he entered the Kramat amid cheers from  thousands of campers. The MJC stated that South Africa will not be free as long as Palestine is occupied and that the march will take place  each year until Palestine is free.




Political Report: First 8 Years (2007 – 2015) Pictorial Review


Eid to be public holiday

Democratic Alliance (DA) objects to AL JAMA-AH FLYER

AL JAMA-AH  President Ganief Hendricks (in green) joins Muslim Judicial Council and Cosatu objecting against awarding “Freedom of the City” to President Obama because of American atrocities against Muslim civilians.
Sheikh Harun (contestant), Sheikh Abduragmaan Salie, AL JAMA-AH President Ganief Hendricks and Qudsieyah Allie (contestant)
Sheikh Harun (contestant), Sheikh Abduragmaan Salie, AL JAMA-AH President Ganief Hendricks (South African sponsor) and Qudsieyah Allie (contestant) 2015 INTERNATIONAL MALAYSIAN QIRAAT COMPETITION.

Quran Talent Search Flyer




Atlantis Wins Madrassa Land – VOC Article

There was finally good news for musallees of the Owal mosque in Atlantis who finally won a lengthy battle to buy adjoining Council land where they could build a much needed madressa and venue for community gatherings and educational workshops. According to Ganief Hendricks, leader of the Al Jama-ah party, this battle was won with the help of both his party and the Pan African Congress (PAC).

“Successive administrations of the City ignored the application, marginalising the Muslim community. At the last council meeting the ward councillor delayed approval and the PAC asked the Speaker Alderman Dirk Smith to consider disciplinary action if the objection was frivolous. The ward councillor had sufficient notice of the fast tracking of the application by the City manager, Achmat Ebrahim,” Hendricks said.

The mosque applied for the land in 1997 and was subjected to a constant delays. Addressing a full council at its August 2013 session, Hendricks said these delays were unacceptable. He explained to fellow councillors how the madressa would benefit the entire community by providing a much needed venue for public gatherings where, amongst others workshops could be held to empower the community.

“The DA then changed its position and the leader of the opposition, Tony Ehrenreich, waived his speaking time in favour of Al Jama-ah and the PAC. The Council then unanimously approved the application,” Hendricks reported, adding his congratulations to the  Atlantis Islamic Society for making the application. He also thanked the city manager “for using his delegated powers to fastrack the application” and thanked the PAC  for its support to get “more land to the people”.

“Atlantis has an abundance of land,” said Hendricks, whose party had contested by-elections in Atlantis to raise awareness on the rights of Muslims in Atlantis. Hendricks is also n ex officio councillor on one of the ward committees situated in the sub council in which Atlantis falls. The land in question is in Gothenburg Street, Wesfleur, Atlantis and measures 6,668 square meters. It was discounted by the City to R63,840, but the selling price was subjected to an annual escalation of 5%. The property will now be consolidated with the existing mosque. VOC


In the run up to the 2009 elections the manifesto promise of AL JAMA-AH  to push for radical transformation, full employmentand  poverty eradication was flighted on national television and radio and in a glossy brochure   presented to dozens of ulema bodies  like the MJC and Darul Igshaan, most of the Arab and Muslim embassies and  canvasssed at its rallies in all nine provinces. This position  gave the Party votes in 2000 voting stations – a national footprint that gave the Party a seat in the national parliament when 87% of the vote was counted to the amazement of the media. The seat suddenly disappeared  thereafter.  But AL JAMA-AH is not amazed that the ruling party has now adopted thes policies which the Party further canvassed at universities including Fort Hare University  the alma mater of the liberation movement. What the ANC has not adopted yet is reparations, AL JAMA-AH’S answer to BEEE the opium administered by Big Business  to South Africa’s black political  elite to maintain the status quo.

For the 2014 elections AL JAM-AH will add to its manifesto promises policies based on the shariah to inform the ANC on its range of policies to unleash the “second transition”. This does not mean an Islamic State for South Africa but rather a moral platform to revese the moral decay that has taken root in South Africa 20 years into our democracy.

AL JAMA-AH will have its own policy conference on the next Freedom Day and hopes to again influence the ANC on its own Manifesto promises for 2014 and laws that will follow.


In the years leading up to his murder while in detention Imam Abdullah Haron shared the values of the Muslim Brotherhood with many of his fellow activists including the pan Africanists of the day. Standard issue to his students were handbooks of the Muslim Brotherhood including a photocopy version of “What we stand for”.

If  he was alive Imam Haron would have been in the forefront in Tahrir Square in Egypt as a dream would have come true.  The Egyptian people for the first time being allowed to embrace Islamic values as refelcted in the policies of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab Spring is set to become the Muslim Spring in countries allover the world including South Africa. It is up to AL JAMA-AH to  inform the new policies of the ruling party with islamic vlaues  as it struggles with a second transition.


Moulana  Shuaib Appleby of the  MJC giving a message of support to the  Press Statement read by AL JAMA-AH chief whip Ganief Hendricks  on behalf of  opposition parties including ANC and PAC  and  trade union Cosatu  in the City of Cape Town rejecting the DA conferring  ” Freedom of the City” to Obama. The South African Council of Churches,  added their support. Cape Town’s larger  religious fraternity showed their compassion for the plight of the Palestinian people and rejection of war mongers. Muslims all over Cape Town were furious at the DA position  “you voted for us so we can decide these matters on your behalf” (   Photo curtesy Cape Times.)




AL JAMA-AH salutes our brave children who rekindled and gave hope to the revolution in South Africa at the time all opposition was successfully crushed with extra judical killings, detention without trial and oppression. Young people deserve nothing less than the best education and full employment.