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NGO which helps a dozen vulnerable Muslim women approaches High Court to amend laws which will lead to Muslim marital disputes adjudicated by just any judge.

  • The Womens Legal Centre helps a dozen vulnerable Muslim women with big marital disputes and wants court to harm hundreds and thousands of Muslim women by getting their marital disputes resolved by just any judge and not Qadis and qualified Muslim experts whose hearts are close to the Dien. One must love the Dien to make proper judgements.
  •  Here are the amendments and pleas they have made to the court without consulting a single Alim. Who do the Trustees of this NGO think they are. In court Counsel have accused them of speaking with “forked tongues”. The attorney of the Jamiate KZN Brother Kazi reject their submissions below and they want government to pay the cost of their 4 Counsel who is holding the government and the Muslim community to ransom for nearly 30 days of legal costs.Do these Trustees and their employees have Islam at heart. They seem to want to set the scene to rule Muslims. Who do they think they are.
  • Demands of the Trustees of the Womens Legal Centre.

  • The High Court to tell Parliament to make new laws to deal with Muslim Marriage Law.

    Muslims to get married in terms of the Recognition of Customary Marriages of 1998.

    The Department of Justice to prepare standard operating procedures for the Masters Office on how to deal with the dissolution of deceased Estates of Muslim marriages.

    Muslim marital to be in terms of common law.

    The effect of the pleas it is going to be argued is that Muslim Marriages will also be guided by all 4 Marriage laws of the country and adjudicated by just any judge.

    The Jamiatul Ulema KZN is expected to take the lead to rebut these pleas and demands  to take control out of the hands of the Ulema who they  also ridiculed in Court saying they issue talaqs in pajamas in the street.

DA under fire

Human rights violations with regard to lack of service delivery and environmental degradation in Masiphumelele Fish/Noord Hoek has landed the Democratic Alliance in hot water. The City of Cape Town was slapped with a Directive by the green scorpions and it got a double whammy when the Public Protector slammed it with an alternative resolution dispute mechanism in terms of the Public Protectors Act to make good on its human rights violations.

By-election candidate gives hope to Joe Slovo residents living in filth.

Ganief Hendricks Ward 4 Candidate in the by-election set to take place on 2 August 2017 has made an election promise to voters in Joe Slovo informal settlement  to fight for their environmental rights by ensuring that the City put in place proper sanitorial services, refuse removal services, water rights and adequate stormwater infrastructure to comply with the Constitution and the National Environmental Management Act. Residents burnt down a City Recreational Centre and My City bus because of sloppiness by City officials to provide these services.

Hendricks cut his teeth as an activist  fighting for labour rights and won a landmark case for equal pay for equal work in the CCMA. Now he is getting  environmental rights for residents in the Masiphumelele Township and has  demanded   remedial action determined by the Public Protector, the Human Rights Commission and the Director of Environmental Enforcement which is at an advance stage. Sanitation activists are looking forward to landmark findings.

Ganief is PR councillor representing the Aljama-ah political Party and has his eye on being a ward councillor to bribg about radical transfornation in service delivery in ibformal settlements.

DA rules City of Cape Town with iron fist. Mandela Day Tragedy

The DA says it rules so any attempt by opposition parties to seek redress fails. It will not consider any proposals that may benefit residents. 

Babies living in Masiphumele are starting to die as reported in The Cape Times  from chest infections and the DA has ignored this warning from the Director of Environment Enforcement 4 months ago. 

Al Jama-ah met with the  Speaker, submitted a motion, put a written question to the Mayor, did a follow up question with the Mayor in full Council, proposed amendments to the Budget and made two attempts to make use of the Mayor’s open door policy but the DA continued to ignore the warning that its sanitation policies and responses to the living conditions in this township will harm its residents.

The Constitution of South Africa made provisition to deal with such injustices by putting in place chapter 9 institutions. While the Human Rights Commission sat on complaints gor nearly a year before acting the Public Protector has responded more positively and the Party awaits its remedial action. The Party expects a finding by the Public Protector that the DA kills babies and will come up with remedial orders that will save lives. It also expects the Director of Environmental Enforcement to issue a second warning to the DA to stop harming residents of Masiphumelele and put  in place long term monitoring of service delivery neglect in the township.

There are six infants  in the local hospital suffering from chest complaints, the one that has died being buried on Mandela Day.

Al Jama-ah is now taking legal advice on prosecuting those responsible for non compliance with the National Environment Management Act causing these deaths.