Tuan Guru wrote the first laws for liberation, freedom and justice on Robben Island.

Tuan Guru wrote the first laws for liberation, freedom and justice on Robben Island.

While the first laws to liberate the oppressed and to ensure justice in South Africa was written on Robben island by Tuan Guru in the 17th century while he was imprisoned none of these laws has been shared since 1994 with our lawmakers in parliament.

Tuan Guru was very strict in teaching prized Negro slaves and others not to compromise on divine laws. So he would have rejected the position of Muslim lawmakers that “Islam is bad for business” and that it was justified to vote in favour of abortion and same sex marriages and that to deny others shebeens was wrong.

To then justify this by saying that “to deny others their rights opened the door for Muslim rights to be trampled upon is certainly flawed and a sign of weakness.

Like Sheikh Ismail Keraan said on Roea night, South Africa needs guidance and it is our duty to “share the shariah”.

Help us build our first successful party so that Aljama can do so, Insha-Allah.

Al Jama-ah as a Partner for the 3 – Party State in South Africa

Now that the Premier candidate for the Western Cape and the Party leader for the Western Cape Province has been appointed all eyes will be on plans for the National elections expected to take place on 25 March 2009.

Aljama will showcase its National Party Leader Ganief Hendricks all over the country as a first step. He will position Aljama as an alternative government for the country insha-Allah and set targets to get 500 000 votes each in the Western Cape, KZN, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. Lesser targets for now will be set for the other five(5) provinces unless funding hots up.

While the Party’s main support is expected to come from the Muslim Community it hopes to get substantial support from other voters, mainly from the youth, soccer players and supporters, people with disabilities and taxi drivers and their assistants,advocacy groups fighting for the rights of refugees, closing down of shebeens, taking care of drug users, seeking the right to compensation of victims of crime, promoting animal rights – all are expected to support the Party as it develops policies to help strenghten their interests and their campaigns.

Aljama is positioning itself to be a partner in a three – party state in South Africa in 2009.



Manenberg Resident runs for Councillor of Ward 45

With the bi-election coming up on the 10th of December 2008 in Ward 45 Manneberg, Resident Mr. Yusuf Christian fondly known as “Boeta U” is gearing up for his campaign to contest the election and aims to become ward councillor of Ward 45.

Mr. Christian who is the chairman of the Mannenberg football association is a grassroots worker who has the interest of Mannenberg and the youth at heart. Belonging to the Aljama Political Party who will be contesting the national elections in 2009, Mr Christian aims at bringing change and hope to the residents of Mannenberg in the form of assisting to combat crime, delivery of better services and focussing on youth programmes ultimately to assist in life skills.

Mr Christian’s campaign team has already hit the road in the form of his campaign staff doing door to door visits asking members of Mannenberg about some of their concerns which he should address if he becomes the councillor. Colourful Aljama and “Boeta U” posters adorn the lamppost in area much to the excitement of those who know and admire Mr. Christian for his community involvement.

Aljama thought it apt to put Mr. Christian up as a candidate for the Bi Election in an effort to prove that the party is serious about its position on service delivery especially with a candidate who has lived for more than 25 years in the area. Aljama and Mr. Christian understand the needs of the Mannenberg community and propose to address these needs if Mr. Christian is elected as the councillor. The stance is also a bold stance for a recently formed party that has a vision of change and hope and believes strongly that the problems within ward 45 must be addressed from a moral and practical perspective.

The combination of the Islamic tenets with Ubuntu and true Christian and Hindu values has, in the party’s view, some of the best, most feasible answers for eliminating poverty and other social ills within our communities. The Party believes that an integration of this kind will provide for the moral rejuvenation of South Africa, something that our compatriots have great concern and passion for.

Aljama also believes that the journey towards elimination of poverty from the face of this country will equip us in establishing the moral values needed to curb the rampant crime and corruption still being witnessed here today, sadly in the shadow of the Apartheid era.

Al Jama-ah will put People First to get Service Delivery off the ground

Posted by PARTYLEADER on Thursday, November 20, 2008 (06:01:35)

The City Council and other municipalities and government departments under the leadership of lame duck director-generals simply lacks the capacity to implement service delivery and policies of especially grassroot political movements who can innovate rather than depend on has been cadres.

So the first steps a political Party like Aljama will do when it gets into power is to fix this. Aljama is a “human resources expert” Party. We will get the people side of the government business right. The debacles for service delivery in the Cape Metro under successive political controls like the old NP, the DA and ID coalition and the ANC is becaus they did not get the “people side” of the business right.

Ajama will do this with the dynamic innovation of its Party leadership.

Aljama will get rid of public servants and officials standing in the way of service delivery especially those who worked the apartheid system and are not on board post 1994.

ANC throws the Western Cape to the dogs

Posted by PARTYLEADER on Thursday, November 20, 2008 (04:51:45)

Months before the first vote has been cast the ANC has conceded that it has lost the elections in the Western Cape. (Ebrahim Rasool on Voice of the Cape and Channel Islam). Aljama now has a responsibilty to win the Western Cape for the citizens of the Western Cape. Aljama cannot allow just any political Party to take the province. We cannot allow the province to be “thrown to the dogs”.

For many years the ANC had a deal with the Afrikaners and with a lot of help from them retained power in the Western Cape. The Afrikaners became much richer under ANC rule than in the harsh days of apartheid. The Anglo – Boer war continued to play out and the English speakers lost out under ANC rule. Now that the ANC has a new deal with the white English speakers including the Jewish elite who put the Zuma faction into power the ANC will loose the influential Afrikaner vote – votes and money going to COPE as the Afrikaners hit back.

All political parties except Aljama are taking sides and taking part in this “Anglo-Boer” war and the poor in the province are merely “pawns” in this struggle for spheres of influence. Do we now want to be ruled by the Afrikaners old age enemy with the help of the ANC, the DA and the ID or are we on the side of the poor.

Donate to the Campaign

Posted by Faizal on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 (09:39:34)

One way of assisting Aljama in become a successful Party is to donate to Aljama’s Campaign Fund. Direct deposits to:

A/C No: 62153666949
Zakaat Account No: 62153667575

Please Fax your deposit slips to 0866848625 for a receipt.

Visit Multi Party Forum Website

Posted by Faizal on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 (09:25:25)

The Multi Party Forum Website www.MPF.org.za is an open forum for all persons to post on any subject relating to democracy and peaceful progress in South Africa.

Registered users can rate content/blogs from other users; and in this way we aim to create a facility to filter excellent content and ideas which will be easily available for public dissemination.

This is a free, non-partisan (perhaps that should read “multi-partisan”), public service aiming to promote free speech and democratic ideals.

Your participation is vitally needed to help build a truly democratic South Africa.

Visit www.MPF.org.za or email the Multi Party Forum on admin@mpf.org.za

Hadjie Gamient off to Durban

The National Campaign Director and NWC member Hadjie Abdul Gamiet will leave for Durban to launch 20 branches.

The groundwork for these branches were laid earlier this year by him and members of the National Working Committee. He is expected to stay in Durban for the next three (3) months to mobilise 500 000 votes for the Party.

If you are from KZN and would like to get involved with Aljama, Call 0825429593 or simply email info@localhost:8888/aljama

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