After a radio interview during prime time  on AL ANSAR during the final   voter    registration weekend  listeners phoned in requesting that    the    AL JAMA-AH political Party  start a branch in the town.  After this show of support the President  of the Party Ganief Hendricks stated that this shows that the town is not a “sleepy hollow” but wide awake to get Muslims to take part in the political life of the country.

The Party gave an undertaking to start the branch and early indications are that a Council seat  for the Party is in the bag for  this District of KZN. The Party will despatch its KZN leader Muhammed Ally from nearby Umzinto to the town and surrounds. The Party President plans to take  a symbolic journey by train  to Pietermaritzurg like his grandpa did to show solidarity with the Ghandis when Mrs Ghandi was jailed nearby for defying the pass laws. This time to get more people  especially the youth interested in politics.

End the Occupation

Every year horselovers led by the Helderberg Horse Association in Maccassar march from the horse showgrounds to the Shrine of Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar  in a horse cavalcade of horse riders and horse carts.  The event happens during the Easter weekend when thousands of Muslims camp out at the Kramat at the Shrine to keep up a tradition of over 300 years.

Sheikh Yusuf launched the liberation struggle in South Africa and for this he was awarded the “Friends of Oliver Tambo”  medal in gold posthumously. He is now a South African hero.


Each year Muslims and freedom fighters took the journey with their horse and cart from Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Swellendam –  a  two to four week trip to Maccassar to listen to the Founder of Islam and later  to his his companions and their progeny on ways to liberate the country and practice Islam.

This year AL JAMA-AH was a sponsor at the horseshow and the President Ganief Hendricks  was invited to be part of the  horse cavalcade.

Ward candidate for macassar Hafiz Raa-iq Basadien pins rosette to one of the winners.

Ganief  was warmly welcomed by the Secretary of the Muslim Judicial Council as he entered the Kramat amid cheers from  thousands of campers. The MJC stated that South Africa will not be free as long as Palestine is occupied and that the march will take place  each year until Palestine is free.




Party Rally an exciting climax to 2015

There was a big turnout of all those active in the Party in the Western Cape, KZN and Gauteng.

Delegates listening to political report at Rally.

The Rally was organized by the Mitchells Plain District under the leadership of Achmat Hendricks and Faried Achmat. Mitchells Plain as the host was well represented. In the lead up to the Rally  Ganief Hendricks, Nurjaan Ally and Advocate Fayruze Nagia-Luddy addressed women and youth  groups. Senior citizens were given fruit and vegetable packs. Manenberg under the leadership of veteran Party stalwart Sadia Abrahams were bussed in.

Delegates from Manenberg

She aslo conducted Party Agent training.

Delegates from Rocklands and Eastville Heights sadiah Abrahams conducting voter education training

Motivation talks were given by Bilal of BBC who made a duah for 11 seats in the 2016 LGE.


The President delivered the Party’s political Report and handed the first copies to Mohamed Ally of  our newest branch in  Umzinto KZN which he launched and accredited in November 2015.

Provincial Leaders at rally Noorbhai and Ally after reciving first copies of Political Report

These was a sense of excitement when he announced that the IEC approved the abbreviation of the Party.

He expressed his disappointment  that there was still insufficient interest to launch branches in the other six(6) provinces in spite of regular  visits to Kimberley and Kimberley. This made it difficult to put in place a representative National Executive Committee(NEC) and to hold an elective conference. The Party was largely a Cape based organization although it had voter support in all 9 provinces as seen in the political report. The  report covered the first 8 years of the Party and was a comprehensive 40 page document. It was now up to researchers to analyse the future of Muslim politics in South Africa. Copies were later given to Professor Muhammed Haron  and researcher Naeem Jeenah,


THE RALLY ended with a motion of confidence in the President who was given a mandate to run the 2016 LGE.

20151218 RallyMinutes

Provincial Leader Western Cape Bieneie Alexander with supporters after Rally

Western Cape Provincial Leader Bienie Alexander aafter Rally with Athlone supporters and pensioners.




Political Report: First 8 Years (2007 – 2015) Pictorial Review


Eid to be public holiday

Democratic Alliance (DA) objects to AL JAMA-AH FLYER

AL JAMA-AH  President Ganief Hendricks (in green) joins Muslim Judicial Council and Cosatu objecting against awarding “Freedom of the City” to President Obama because of American atrocities against Muslim civilians.
Sheikh Harun (contestant), Sheikh Abduragmaan Salie, AL JAMA-AH President Ganief Hendricks and Qudsieyah Allie (contestant)
Sheikh Harun (contestant), Sheikh Abduragmaan Salie, AL JAMA-AH President Ganief Hendricks (South African sponsor) and Qudsieyah Allie (contestant) 2015 INTERNATIONAL MALAYSIAN QIRAAT COMPETITION.

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